My Kids are Trapped in the Camera

Right off the bat, If I expect to blog in a fashion that will please my momma, I will have to find a way to get the girls out of the camera. The heart of this issue is really too complex for my first post at this time of night. Cliff Notes version is that I bought Keith an IPod (because, He loves technology-napoleon dynamite). The IPod was not compatible with our desktop from 2000 with M.E. Therefore, he concluded that it was time to upgrade the computer. So.. we did! Now we have this snazzy Toshiba laptop with Vista (we’ll talk about Vista later). I get my Canon (from the year I can’t recall) to connect to the laptop & you guessed -Incompatible. Therefore, my girls have been trapped in my digital camera for almost a year now. However, thanks to my sweet mother in law- I have these two fairly recent pics of the girls. Thanks Mrs T!

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