My Buckaroo

There’s a country song called “Watchin You.” This reminded me of it. Keith and I often say, we’ve got a little buckaroo. Chorus goes:

  • He said, I’ve been watching you, dad ain’t that cool?
    I’m your buckaroo, I want to be like you.
    And eat all my food and grow as tall as you are.We got cowboy boots and camo pants. Yeah, we’re just alike,
    Hey, ain’t we dad?
    I want to do everything you do. See I’ve been watching you!
Back in January our pastor, brother Steve, challenged our congregation to “a chapter a day and a life a day.” Basically, he referred to committing to a daily quiet time and investing in the life of another every day. Pretty Good! So… this year began with me recommitting to my daily quiet time. Not surprisingly, as I continue to add children to the Thompson crew it becomes more and more difficult to find a time during the day in which I can just sit before the Lord and meditate on His word! I finally found that 5am was working out pretty good. Well…… at least for a few weeks. Then, the girls’ schedules inevitably began to vary. Lilly Kate was waking at 4 for breakfast and then falling back to sleep til’ 7. Then, she’d wake at 5 and want to start her day. Then, Emma would wake at 6 rather than 7… You get the idea! Well, last week Emma woke especially early and came into the dining room. “Good Morning Mommy.” Too bad I didn’t have a tape recorder. You really ought to hear her sweet voice with her thick southern accent (that I have no clue where came from :). “Whatcha doin?” Doing my bible study. “Oh.” She leaves and returns Bible in hand. “Momma, can I Bible with you?” So, as the picture depicts- with her bible and journal (coloring book), pen, and coffee mug (of milk) in hand we “BIBLE.” And, as we “BIBLE’d” the following conversation from Emma ensued: “MMM, this coffee (milk) is delicious! When I grow a mommy, I can have coffee just like you! I can have it in a coffee cup- I promise I won’t spill it. We’re pretending it’s coffee, ok momma? Mom, can I go to Disney World?” Sure angel, when you and Lilly Kate grow big we’ll go. “But, I already growed big! I love Goofy and Mickey Mouse and Dora! They can talk (How does she know so much about DW?). And, Hannah Montana- can she talk at DW? Mom, where’s my Bible?” 🙂
** The scrape on her cheek is where she fell on the playground at school 😦

4 thoughts on “My Buckaroo

  1. Hey Ashleigh!Welcome to the blogging world! I\’m soo glad I get to see those beautiful girls of yours! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It opens up a whole new world.


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