Is your kitchen clean??

If you’ve been here before then you know that I’ve done some redecorating. I have noticed many of you have these fancy headers and wallpaper backgrounds. I’ve also noticed the links to designers on your web page and checked them out as well. They’re getting $35/design and up to whip out those fancy spreads! OH, I can do that!! I know I can. Why consider that I’m an amateur blogger and like any new project, I should start out slow? Ha! I am a bit stubborn (or persistent is a nicer way to put it)!

Emma is in Dothan visiting Dede and Pop. So.. with only one bambino home it’s like I am sort of on vacation. I am determined to crack that “HTML CODE SHMODE.” Here’s what it looks like:

#header .description {
margin:0 5px 5px;
padding:0 20px 5px;
line-height: 1.4em;
font: $descriptionfont;
color: $descriptioncolor;

And, so.. as you can see, I DID (sort of). You have no clue how much blood,sweat & tears went into designing that gigantic header (that I can not for the life of me figure out how to shrink!). Like with any new endeavor, you learn a few new things along the way and I certainly did. I am not done with this project. I just need to take a break (so that I can accomplish some more important tasks while I have this “free” weekend).

That leads me to the bloggin rules. Don’t you have some? This world which I was extremely leery of has surprisingly sucked me in! I want to “play” on my site all the time and then while I’m here I check out yours and then click on a link on the side and the hours later I am laughing at some chicks blog in Australia and have no recollection how or why I ended up there. Why is that so intriguing?? Guess it’s neat to peek into other’s lives.
The new rule: My rule is you can blog anytime you’d like, so long as the kitchen is clean and the girls are sleeping.
I figure if the only thing that I’ve prioritized Bloggin above is sleeping, we’re ok.

Is your kitchen clean??

2 thoughts on “Is your kitchen clean??

  1. Hey Ashleigh,I know what you mean! I get sucked in also on a daily basis and totally forget there are other things on the internet besides blogs. I am a freak about a clean kitchen (at least the counter tops and sink—I\’ve given up on having a clean floor all the time with a 2 year old). So yes, we deserve to have a little blog time everyday! By the way, congrats on figuring out how to do the header. It looks great. The girl that did mine only charged $5! And that was after going back and forth with my opinion about 7 times in 2 days. I still want to have some wallpaper on my blog so let me know if you can do that or someone who can. I\’m enjoying your blog so much! Those girls are sooo precious!Tara


  2. I know what you mean-as you can tell I ended up on your site from Ali\’s Site……I like your rule and I think I am going to come up with my \”rule\”, I could sit here for hours if I don\’t!


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