Check out this fabric! Does this make you want to learn to sew or what??
I just made my first little Aline dress for Em with some practice fabric. I’ll post those pics soon. However, this fabric is what made me want to figure out “sewing” fast. I think this will be the cutest little outfit.


  1. Teach me, Teach me! I\’m dying to learn how to make something for Stirling:) It didn\’t take long for you to become REALLY domestic!! Let me know how it goes.

  2. I don\’t know if you remember me but we met at Dawn Woodrow\’s little girl\’s (Andie) birthday party about 2 years ago. I\’m really good friends with Leah!! Leah has you linked on her blog!! I enjoyed reading your blog. I quit my job about 4 years ago to be my girls. Your story sounds just like mine…exactly. Check out my blog…go to Leah\’s. Your girls are precious!!!

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