Off to see the wizard…

Hudson invited Emma to go see the Wizard of Oz play Friday night at Auburn High School. It was really a great performance! Emma loved the lion, Todo and Dorothy, but NOT the witch. Just ask her- she’ll tell you she does not like that witch! Aren’t these pics cute (thanks Jenny!)? Emma and Hudson are always ready to “ham it up” for the camera. We’re lucky that Hudson is Em’s “Friend boy.”
(*Note the A-line dress that I made, I’ll try to get a better picture posted)


  1. Hey..I\’m glad you rem me!:) I\’m going to add you to my list of friends. I\’m very new to blogging but it is so much fun. I\’m constantly thinking..what can I blog? I love your new look!! I\’m on a waiting list for a new one!!! I hope to get it soon.

  2. The new header looks great!! I am so jealous. I want a new one too. My blog is struggling around all these other cute ones. I am not a computer guru at all. You making me look bad!!(ha ha)

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