My Lilly Kate

Most of my posts are about Emma & I am afraid I’ve failed you by not adequately describing how precious my Lilly Kate is! Oh, she is just perfect. I must admit I was so anxious pregnant with her. How could I possibly love another like I did my Emma? Don’t worry… I LOVE HER! And although it’s different, it is just the same. She is so much fun right now. She’s smiley all the time and soo cuddly. She’s the perfect size.
I rock her and she snuggles her head against my neck, I can hear her little baby breath and I always say a prayer thanking God for her, for my life, for this moment. Children are truly a blessing. Looking at Em, I know time flies by too quickly, I try to just cherish every moment with the girls. I don’t want to forget how little Lilly Kate puts one hand on each of my cheeks and kisses me with her slobber, smiles with her gummy smile, the way she pats my back when I hold her and how she dances/jumps up and down when Emma comes in the room. This pic says it all 🙂 Of course, just like Emma- she loves her daddy!!

2 thoughts on “My Lilly Kate

  1. That is such a precious post! And she is such a precious little girl! I don\’t think I\’ve ever seen her not smiling! And by the way, those cupcakes were absolutely divine! I could have eaten 6 of them!! Thanks for sharing!


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