I hear I’ve been tagged. Actually, 2 or 3 times I believe. For some reason, I was not very driven to fill this out Basically, I just answer a few questions. So.. Here goes!

What Was I Doing Ten Years Ago?
Keith had to help me on this one because I cannot remember yesterday. With his help, we deduced that I was at Samford. Yes, my sophomore year of Auburn in typical college student fashion- I wasn’t clear about where I needed to be in life 🙂
So, I transferred from Auburn to Samford to go to nursing school. While it was a neat/different experience, the “bubble” didn’t get it. After one semester, I had to get back to Auburn. And, good thing I did because Summer quarter I met Keith. The rest is history!

Five Things on My To-Do List Today:
1. Organize Lilly Kate’s room/clothes. While it is a blessing to have 2 girls and their hand-me-downs, it is hard for me to keep the clothes in closets current and out of boxes in the floor.
2. Wash clothes (unfortunately this never falls off)
3. Work in the yard (there’s a house in Grove Hill that I want to try to copy their landscaping)
4. Go to Goree’s (I need to try out a club chair, already have the fabric- just need to sit in it. I have had this on my to do list for too long. Can’t get pumped about taking 2 kiddos there!)
5. Finish this tag list b/f Brooke comes after me!

Five Snacks I Enjoy: Junk! Especially sweets. I’d pass over a steak for a chocolate/caramel blondie w/ice cream any day!
1. Ice cream
2. Hot chocolate chip cookies
3. Doughnuts (Any kind)
4. Oreos
5. Choc cake w/ white icing

Five Things I would Do If I Were a Billionaire:
Trying to think about what “Dave” would do!
1. Save some
2. Give some(family,church,Make-A-Wish foundation, etc.)
3. Invest some
4. Buy a beach house
5. Travel (lots of places I’d love to go)

Five Bad Habits:
1. Being selfish (I am working on this & my girls are helping me!)
2. Drinking too much coffee & tea (Dr. T reminds me of this:)
3. Not exercising daily
4. Not eating healthy
5. Worrying

Five Places I Have Lived:
1. Sylacauga (14+ houses there -mom & dad remodeled for a “hobby”)
2. Auburn (Upper quad, my memory is failing me so I cannot think of the name of the dorm- with Summer), then AXO dorm
3. Birmingham (Samford dorm and then with Kristin during college internship)
4. Bham, Wildforest (w/Danette after college)
5 Bham, Canterbury Gardens as newlyweds 🙂 We thought we couldn’t get out of that roach motel but look back at those years so fondly!

Five Jobs I’ve Had or Have:
3. Case Coordinator, Analyst
4. Manager then Director Regulatory Affairs EAMC
5. Mommy (world’s hardest job and of course most rewarding!

I Want to Know More About (a nice way of saying “your tagged”)
1. Leah Litton (friend from old job)
2. Tara Verdigets (a friend from way back 🙂
4. Tara Roney (a friend from college)

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