Thunder Beach

What do Keith & I have in common with bikers?? More than you think! This past weekend, Mrs T graciously offered to keep the girls while K & I getaway. So, very spontaneously we decided to drop them off in Dothan and head to Panama City Beach. Not our usual beach spot, but so convenient. I got a room at the “Suntan Inn” (hey, we planned this on Thurs and it was cheap!). Well, apparently every biker in the US planned to go to PCB this particular weekend AND stay at the suntan inn AND dine at Angelo’s. The restaurant parking lot looked like a motorcycle dealership. Needless to say, it made for an interesting weekend! Regardless, Keith and I had a very much needed/enjoyable weekend away together(bikers and all)!:)

2 thoughts on “Thunder Beach

  1. We went to the beach \”Biker weekend\” last year so I know what you mean! Extremely loud ALL weekend long! I\’m sure it was nice just to get away though!


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