Free Food

OK, I fell for the May 15- McDonald’s free chicken sandwich promo Hook, Line & Sinker! I heard about it and right after I picked up the girls from school, we were in line at McDonalds. You had to buy a large drink (which we didn’t need) for the free sandwich, and of course an extra sandwich for K and a happy meal for Em. My tab was not free in the end. Sandwich was ok, no worries Mr Truett- Chick Fil A’s sandwich wins any day! McDonald’s should stick to what they know- hamburgers and french fries.

E-Momma, are you sad with Lilly Kate?
Me- No baby, why??
E-Oh, just wondering
E- Why you got a chicken hamburgner?
E-Momma, my belly don’t hurt. I’m sending God some of my hamburgner.
E-Momma, I’m done. Can I get down? Did I eat good?
E- Momma, Lilly Kate’s playing the “uh oh game” -we don’t play that!
E- Here, take this hamburgner I am done.
Me- Baby I don’t want it. Just sit it down.
E- No. Momma, I don’t want it. I am giving God a drink.
E -Momma, Lilly Kate played the “uh oh game!” Now are you sad of her?
Me- Yes, I am sad about that
E- But you’re happy with me. I’m on a green day. Why is there chicken on your hamburner??

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