Nifty find

Do you spend hours and hours browsing all your friends (and strangers) blogs just to see if there is a new post?? If so, I have a very nifty (time constructive) find! I sound like a salesman (unfortunately, i get no kickback). Seriously, join bloglines! I don’t know if I can adequately describe what it does, but basically you join (free) and then add “feeds” (which are all the blog sites you want to stay up to date on). Then it works sort of like an email account. You log in to bloglines and click feeds- all your feeds (blogs) will be listed on the Left hand side of the screen and if any of them has a new post since your last login it will look like this:

Tales from the Thompsons (1)

Cool, Huh? So, nightly or whenever you can check bloglines. If there are no new posts then you saved all that time of visiting all 22 of your friends pages.

Here’s how to join: (I am not sure but I believe Google reader works similarly)
Bloglines is a free web-based tool that lets you read and keep up with all your news feeds and blogs from one central page. Simply subscribe to the blogs you’re interested in, and Bloglines will tell you when there are new articles available to read. post

Tales from the Thompsons

To join, click on the following link:

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