Blair’s "Swim House"


Memorial day weekend at Orange Beach with our friends the Pelhams (Blair’s swim house Emma calls it :))has become one of our favorite annual traditions. Reese and Blair are very close in age to Em & LK so that makes it fun. AND as parents of TWO- we understand each other! 🙂 We had a blast, these pics don’t do it justice. Blair and Emma played so hard and so sweet together. There were many moments that I wish I could describe well that were quite funny this weekend. Stacie began asking if there was a hidden camera in the condo. We had both been on Blair & Emma before the trip and during about sharing. Well, getting ready for their bath, they are both naked and Emma is pottying. Blair has to go and apparently Em just tells her to get on (she will “share” the potty)- Stacie and I turn around to both of them on the potty at the SAME time one in front of the other :O I was crying as I laughed so hard and told them the potty we don’t have to share 🙂 Many other good stories…

This year, Bobby & Britney some of our good friends from Texas got to join us as well as Jenn and Eric, Ryleigh & Mr Pelham. FUN, FUN, FUN!! To avoid the chaos of dining with 6 kids under 3, we took turns cooking. Bobby & Britney “showed out” with their Tex Mex-Enchiladas. Really Great Idea! Food was delicious. One day we rented a double decker pontoon boat with a slide. Yep, we were the folks on that “rental!” The girls (and Dads) were so pumped. Unfortunately, the jelly fish were so bad no-one got to test out the slide. And, then a storm came and we had to relocate before settling in on the island. A fun time regardless & the boat ride was like a sedative for all of the kids! We can’t wait to get together again!!

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