Weekend fun!

Keith did this (without Em)…

So, Mrs Thompson & I did this…


Which made Emma want to do this…


And the weekend ended like this 🙂



I love this little number which was inspired by Darby’s dresses. I didn’t follow her directions while making it & Emma’s turned out to be a shirt rather than a dress :O That’s ok, good practice and I love the way it turned out so I will make it again. I got some cute, cute white with black polka dot fabric this weekend that is dying to be used with some pink ric rac (sorry I don’t have pics). I also got some orange/navy AU looking fabric to work with. I had soo much fun sewing. I am kinda surprised with myself- I am not Martha at all!! Thanks for all the help Mrs. T!

Now I am dying for an embroidery/monogramming machine. Too bad you have to take out a loan to buy one of those :O


  1. I lOVE the last dress/shirt. Make us one:) I know, I told brad that I really want at monogramming machine asap. We had fun on Friday!!

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