Happy 4th

We had a busy weekend! We went to the fireworks show Thursday night with the Dilworth’s and Galimores. Friday we had a fun day at the Barron’s lake house. Then, Sat we headed down to my family’s farm for a cookout.

THIS says it all! When trying to get a picture of them, you have to be quick 🙂

FUN TIMES at the Barron’s lake house! Hopefully Kristin took some better pics. I was preoccupied b/c Lilly Kate was all out of sorts the first part of the day attempting to forgo her nap due to all the lake excitement. UGH!

Riding at the farm
One of my favorites! My brother has been waiting years for this day. He got my girly girl in some cammo & a piece of grass in her mouth.

Sweet Daddy & LK
OK, It’s late & I didn’t think I had to do much talking with these pics. But……My aunt Robbin found this garlic and introduced Emma to wild garlic. OH MY! Em was a bit impressed/attached with the “STINKIN” stuff. Leaving the farm, she was crying to take it home with her. Of course we didn’t want it in the car. OHHHHHHHH, we left with a piece of it in a trash bag which DID stink up the car. :O

5 thoughts on “Happy 4th

  1. Ashleigh, I\’m not sure how I found your blog, but it caught my eye b/c we are \”Thompsons\” also (and have 2 girls). Anyway, I figured out that (if I have the right Thompsons), I used to work with both of your in-laws at Dothan City. Dianne taught right down the hall from me at Highlands! I remember how excited she was when you were pregnant with Emma. And then I ran into both of them when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter (after I had left DCS) and they told me y\’all were having another girl! Anyway, your girls are precious and I enjoy your blog!


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