Where to begin?

Well, I guess the beginning.. Wednesday night my purse was stolen! I had gone to a birthday party at the park and when I left, noticed my purse was gone out of my car. Or was it ever there? Yes, I answered myself because I removed my cell phone from it to place into LK’s diaper bag then frantically dashed out of the car with 2 girls in tow. I was afraid they were going to miss the train ride because we were so late (as usual). We rode the train for less than 30 minutes and left after getting our ice cream from the ice cream truck. I was in disbelief. This happens to other people, poor Abby I feel your pain, but not me. God, why?? I have been such a good steward lately, I pleaded. We’ve been doing the Dave Ramsey plan- remember? I wanted to cry but no tears would come. Keith was on his way to a Biscuits game. I call and state the facts, you have to come home, I need help. He tells me to call the police. Something urged me to wait until I got home to ensure (amidst this crazy state called motherhood) that it was not there. I got home, no purse in sight. I called the police. “Ma’am, you must come down to the station to file a report.” I have to give the girls to Keith. I get in the car (crazy! I think I will meet him to give them to him). He calls and encourages me to calm down (He’s the BEST!) and go back home. UGhh! Keith is frantically stopping our bank accounts and credit card. All the while, Em is saying “Why can’t we go to cracker barrel with Hudson, Mommy?” I get home sit down and try to patiently wait on Keith. Em comes into the den and says, “um Mommy, your purse is in my room.” I run in and sure enough on her bed lies my purse. Thank you God!!! I call Keith and calmly say, “Honey, turn around and enjoy the game.” Then, I have to call the police department and explain to the lady that I won’t be coming in because there is no criminal activity going on at the Monkey park- just a CRAZY mom of 2 under three! She was laughing so hard. The next morning, K & I wake up and he looks at me and says, “Hope you won’t be needing any $ today b/c our checking accts and credit accounts have been closed. :{)”

Oh and BTW, that night I woke up at 3am w/ a migraine (likely from all the drama).

Don’t get me wrong, I am sooo thankful that drama is all this was 🙂
However, we should all learn a lesson from my close call!
-Do NOT carry Social Security cards in your purse.
-Make copies of everything in your wallet.
Other tips??
-Probably should put your purse in the trunk rather than floor of car anyway.

4 thoughts on “Where to begin?

  1. Bless your heart Ashleigh! I\’ve done something similar recently. It wasn\’t my purse being stolen, but I couldn\’t find my credit card bill and I remember thinking I heard the side door open in the house earlier. In my extreme-minded thinking, I thought someone came in and got the bills off the table so they could get account numbers. I start calling the credit card company to cancel the card. I walked around the house at least 15 times that night…couldn\’t find them. The next day, I was getting Brooks\’ shoes out of his closet and guess what…there\’s my stack of bills laying on the shelf in his closet! I think we as mothers have too much on our plate most days, and it is overwhelming! I can\’t remember anything now!!


  2. oh ashleigh! i\’m so glad it wasn\’t actually stolen! and don\’t worry…we all do crazy things like that:) it\’s hard enough for me to keep up with one sweet baby, so with two…wow…i\’ll need lots of help when that time comes:)hope you get your new accounts open soon!


  3. A!-I\’m laughing so hard right now!! I can laugh now that it\’s all over, right?? It sounds exactly like something that would happen to me! 1. Always running late.2. Always have the boys in tow.3. NEVER know where anything is!I think Keith handled it a litte better than Chad might have. :)I was thinking about you and decided to catch up on your blog. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday week! I miss you so much!


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