A friend of Keith’s has sold us on the “WeightWatchers” plan. So… here goes! We both need to eat healthier and if we lose weight that is a bonus πŸ™‚ I registered for the online WeightWatchers trial to determine my “points.” The online system agreed with me and determined i need to lose 9 lbs!!! Trust me, i am loving points about as much as I love Dave’s envelopes. However, we are committed but now i need your help. Please tell me any low cal low fat snacks and dinners (especially) that we can try! Blog stalkers please come out on this one πŸ™‚
I could order the WW cookbook, but it is not even close to the good ole’ southern cooking we know and love (veggie burgers, berry sorbet and couscous- NO THANKS). I figure since I do most of our cooking if I could get a few edible meals ironed out we could do this.

I have already had english muffins with spray calorie free butter topped w/ strawberries and a decaf/splenda coffee suggested for breakfast- only 2 pts!

AND believe it or not, a 4 pack chicken nuggets from Chick fil A is only 3pts. Add some polynesion for 4 more pts. Not bad for my favorite fast food πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to try your ideas!

5 thoughts on “Help!

  1. i do not know of any healthy foods-i am not the one to ask:) but a friend of mine did/does weight watchers and looks fabulous! (and eats good too-she lost weight and has kept it off for years) i think it\’s one of the best plans out there-good luck!(and just for the record, i think you look great, but you go for it if you want to:))


  2. I\’ve been doing ww and have lost 15 lbs so I am an advocate for it. Go to, she has every restaurant known to man and also some really good meal and snack suggestions. By the way, you look great and don\’t need to lose 9 lbs.


  3. You can find some great recipes at and also for $5 a month, will send you 7 recipes a week (along with the grocery list) and they have a weight watchers plan. It tells you exactly how many points per meal. I have done WW before and it works. My mom and my sister are lifetime members (and are both very small) but they go weigh every week for maintainence.


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