Ready or Not,

It’s here!!! So far so good. I feel like I am having a week long celebration πŸ™‚
Last night I went to dinner w/ supper swap and I got to pick the place. Today, I got 3 divine hours with some sweet girlfriends by the pool (minus kiddos :). Tonight I’ll be having a sweet dinner at home with my family. Tomorrow, I am heading to Provino’s for my desserts with girlfriends. AND (nope I am not done)..My sweet hubby has arranged a weekend off for me (thanks Mrs T!). He and I are headed to Ross Bridge and I have been pondering what ALL I’ll order at PF Chang’s! I’ll get some pics uploaded soon.

If you’re wondering…WW’s is not off. I am still trying HARD (although friends (Brooke) keep trying to sabotage my efforts :O). Hopefully I’ll post some food “hits AND misses” soon.

Thanks for all the calls, cards, goodies, etc!! I feel so loved πŸ™‚


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