What am I gonna do w/ Her?

I picked Em up from “school” yesterday. Her daily report sheet said: “Emma hit a friend today (she never does).”
I asked, “Em, who did you hit?”
E- I don’t member.
Me- You don’t remember?
E- Is that what my sheet said?
Me- Yep, who did you hit?
E- Mom, i fink (think) you got the wrong sheet!
Me- Laughing so hard under my breath, what in the world?!? How clever is she?
Keith- (in a firm voice -not thinking that was so funny) “Emma, this is your sheet, it has Your name on top. We’ll talk about this tomorrow with your teacher. We do NOT hit!
E- Daddy, yall stop, this is makin me so nervous (where did she learn this, I never use this word)!

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