More of my Party


When Em came home from school on Wed, she asked “Mommy, where are all the balloons, presents and cake?? Baby, when you grow up you don’t get all that 🙂 My sweetie said, that is ok mommy, I’ll get you some presents. So.. here they are! Specially selected from her bedroom 🙂


Well.. I thought we would not have a cake. My sweet husband stopped by Kroger on the way home to get a box of cupcakes so we could “party!” The girls enjoyed the party as much as I did…



Thursday night, I had a dessert party. I LOVE these Girls! Seriously, I am so richly blessed to know each one of them so well and have such a large group of very close friends here! Thanks Sarah for arranging a much needed mom’s night out 🙂

And then, Keith and I went to Birmingham for the weekend. He had arranged for the girls to go to Dothan. It was a blast. He let me shop my heart out and of course we ate, ate and ate some more. Lloyds (a great little southern restaurant that has the best onion rings and hamburger steak w/gravy! Super cheap too! You definitely should try), then PF Changs and Brio (all my fav’s). Yes, we took a vacation from WW.

K- You are the best ever!!! XOXO

Oh yea, payback for the shopping- I went to see Dark Night (batman) with him :O

7 thoughts on “More of my Party

  1. Ashleigh, sorry I didn\’t make it to Provino\’s. It looks like you guys had a great time. Your bday week sounded so fabulous. Glad to know Joanna and I have somebody else in the 30\’s club!!! 🙂


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