This makes me…..


I opened the cabinet the other night to find “Boo donalds” staring at me! For some crazy reason when Emma was little she always called this toy, Ronald McDonald, “Boo donalds.” Of course, now she says it correctly. I miss Boo..

& Not so much!


The other day I mentioned to Sarah that my floor has crumbs on it CONSTANTLY. Most of the time worst than this. The other day the thought crossed my mind to put socks on my feet rather than sweeping once more. Seriously!! I am bored with sweeping.

What about motherhood makes you smile?


  1. The charming look Brooks gives us when he knows he\’s in trouble, and we are trying to keep a straight face, but we can\’t help but bust out laughing! Those expressions are priceless!


  2. I love it when they TRY to imitate what you or someone else is doing. Wilson is really into mimicking Nathan right now. It\’s hilarious.By the way, I feel like I am sweeping or vacuuming all the time. One word: Rumba!!!!


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