Learning to "PUTER"


I bought Emma a Preschool Jumpstart game for her to play on the computer with (at a Sat am yard sale- my new favorite hobby ;). She is doing great with it and enjoys playing it. So… Little miss decided that she’d like to “puter” too!

Pardon the attire! I said I would never do this (let my kids run around the house in their diaper looking like rag-a-muffins)! Sometimes parenthood causes you to break all your rules :O

One thought on “Learning to "PUTER"

  1. At least she has got something on! Brooks spent the whole weekend naked around the house while it rained! He doesn\’t believe in clothes. 🙂 I kept thinking, what if someone were to come over right now? What would they think of his parents? Oh well, they can only get away with it when they are little!


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