Hannah Montana

Emma was so fortunate to have a weekend getaway at Ross Bridge with her Dede and her cousins. They had a blast! They also made a stop (or 2) at Libby Lu. Emma chose to be made over as Hannah Montana (of course). Here are pics of she and Madison getting their makeover.


OH Yes! Unfortunately….. this is me in the HM Getup :O Humility, I tell myself as I post this pic for all of you to see what the mom of girls looks like (and sometimes even dads)! After the Libby Lu experience, we have Lots of makeovers. She needs to keep working on me!! :O


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12 thoughts on “Hannah Montana

  1. I see you guys have the HM fever too! Emma T should have been here for Emma J\’s HM sleepover. We even had a \”photoshoot\” with a HM cut out! Good times!


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