More WW favorites

How’s it (WW) going? You all ask! Well, not so good. Not sure how long I’ve been doing trying to do WW’s. However, I have officially lost zero lbs and have dissappointed myself w/ my lack of self control related to eating non WW’s foods… I kept telling myself: Self, anything you do towards this “diet” today better than yesterday is good (enough). Well, the scales disagree!

So… I joined a gym. The day of my fitness assessment, the trainer agreed w/ me. Without working out (cardio namely) I would not be able to lose fat. Boo!! I HATE cardio. I will do the weights happily but cardio makes you sweat, just not a fan of it.

Well, I’ve been going faithfully 3 days now (ha), even attended Zumba (latin dancing aerobic class). Hate you couldn’t see it, I can NOT dance! However, It’s was more fun than the eliptical or treadmill. Luckily nobody else in there aside from the instructor and a few cute college girls could really dance either 🙂

Sarah, you gotta join me! Any o yall been to bodypump, pilates or any of the other classes? If so, give me your thoughts on them. It is so scary walking in for the first time by yourself. I can’t even run around the building so.. just want a heads up on what classes are like. I have heard mixed reviews on body pump. The trainer said, go! you can just hold the bar if you can lift much weight. Someone else said, you’re NOt ready for that….


I cannot believe I failed to mention Special K in my previous post! I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fruit and yogurt variety is equally yummy. If I eat out at a restaurant (which is ALWAYS bad- check points for your fav’s here, I try to follow that bad meal with a really light one (usually cereal).

Barilla Plus angel hair pasta. It has extra fiber, less fat, etc… and with your spaghetti sauce on it tastes delicious. Never even missed my old variety.

These Bagel-fuls weigh in at 4 pts. A little more points than you should probably eat for breakfast if you’re hard core WW’ing but if you crave bagels w/ CC- these will HIT the spot. I have had the cinnamon ones and the strawberry. Yummy!

3 thoughts on “More WW favorites

  1. I did bodypump in Auburn at AC Fitness for Women. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! You should def go to that class. Just start out with the lowest weight possible bc you will be hurting after the first day. The instructors are very good at telling you the weight recommendation.


  2. I went to body pump after having Brooks a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it, but it will definitely kick your butt. You may want to just do weights on your own for a couple of weeks to get your muscles used to lifting if you haven\’t done it in awhile (well, except for small children of course). It helps to have a great teacher with good music. The music always helped motivate me! If they have kickboxing, take it! I have never been so fit in my life as when I took that twice a week at the gym we joined in N. Carolina. But it needs to be a good teacher as well. And I still ate what I wanted because you burn soo many calories. I\’m not good at dieting…


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