Work Out Music tips?

I was thinking how I hate cardio & maybe I need some new music to listen to while I am on the treadmill. I am so ADD that I get bored. Any suggestions on songs to put on my play list that will really motivate me. I’m looking for songs with a good beat. What is on your work out play list? What songs would really get you moving?

2 thoughts on “Work Out Music tips?

  1. I used to do bodypump 3 times a week when I was going to gym every morning. That is the best shape I\’ve ever been in! Beware that the morning after he first BP class you\’ll prob be walking like you\’ve been riding a horse for 5 hrs….and you prob won\’t be able to sit down to pee….HOWEVER, after the first few times it gets much easier and you get less sore! I would def give it a shot! It\’s a total body work out in 1 hr!! Let me know where you\’re going…I might join you!!


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