I had the most FABULOUS night last week..
Picture this:

  1. Hubby has the kiddos
  2. Night off
  3. 4 of your best girlfriends
  4. Sewing machines
  5. Fast food and chocolate cake

Well, I was not as productive as I wanted to be. Overly ambitious -You should have seen me loaded down with about 20 projects….. I did finish this one though:

I can’t decide what kind of buttons to use. Does the pink plaid work? White would look weird!?! Can you do covered buttons with corduroy?? Thoughts on the buttons?

AND had a blast! Let’s do it again girls 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jealous?

  1. Can I tell you that I couldn\’t be more impressed with your sewing? It makes me want a sewing machine. I would pay so much for the outfit you sewed! I think the pink check was so cute with the paisley! The golf story was precious, too…


  2. hey! I had fun and my pattern came in..yay! Next time I am sewing and not spending my time cutting out. But it taked forever to cut out two outfits. (it turned out precious)


  3. Hi. So I ran across your blog on a friend\’s blog. I guess that constitutes blog stalking…ha ha ha. Anyway, I went to middle school with your husband. I seriously have not laid eyes on him since 8th grade. It was nice to look through your blog and see that Keith grew up to have a great wife and 2 adorable little girls. You\’ll have to ask Keith if he remembers Sara Skaggs (now Sara Allred, I got married last month). He might considering we both grew up in Dothan. Anyway, feel free to check out our blog too! I\’ll be back to yours tomorrow…it\’s awesome.


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