Fooder & Miracle

Em cracks me up! If you’ve been around her any length of time you know she is a mess (and a talker, no idea who she gets that from). Seriously! She talks a lot and very maturely (I’d say) for her age. However, every blue moon she still says something a little off and it’s funny. Wish I was conscientious enough to write more of it down! Here is the latest:

We are at the drive through @ Zaxbys (she calls driveway). “Momma, is that fooder gonna give me my toy with my happy meal?” What, Em?
“The FOODER- mom! The man that gives us our food. (duh)”

Cracking up, I say- Em, He’s called a cashier. (Fooder, pretty clever though 🙂


We’re playing dress up last night. “Momma, I’ll be the princess bride and here (handing me the Libby Lu sash- which resembles a pageant sash) you be Miss Miracle.” I be who? “Miss Miracle! Mom” I slowly replied A-M-E-R-I-C-A?… Sure whatever you want to be mom:)

Growing up in Sylacauga, pageants were big! I mean I am SURE by age 3 I had been in a few and I had definitely watched Miss America. When I pledged at Auburn, one of my sorority sisters (from Atlanta) & I quickly became great friends. She had NEVER been to a pageant or seen Miss America on tv!! I was shocked. How could a girl not?? Anyway, Em hasn’t been in any pageants and she has not seen Miss America. When she called it Miracle- I knew for my “heritage” sake, at a minimum -I had to correct her on that 😉 And, keep an eye out for the pageant (i’d like for her to see one).

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