Party Starter

Remember this?

Well, not that many of you responded. But… I did find this:

It’s got:
Track list: 1. Wild Thing, Tone Loc; 2. Bust a Move, Young M.C. 3. Motownphilly, Boyz II Men; 4. Poison, Bell Biv Devoe; 5. Walk This Way, Run D.M.C. 6. O.P.P., Naughty By Nature; 7. Jump Around, House of Pain; 8. U Can’t Touch This, M.C. Hammer; 9. Rump Shaker, Wreckx-N-Effect; 10. Tennessee, Arrested Development; 11. Summertime, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince; 12. My Prerogative, Bobby.

I’ll have to be careful not to shake my booty a little on the treadmill 🙂 Old school- good stuff. However, something feels inherently wrong switching from Wild Thing to a Charles Stanley podcast.

Anybody know any good Christian music to work out to? Actually there is some christian hip hop music that I found on ITunes. If I become fond of any, I’ll post those as well.

By the way, I did try Body Pump and YOU can do it. Anybody can, with the right (minimal) amount of weights. You don’t have to be coordinated either which is a plus for me 😉

Hmm, Zumba- now that is a different story. I still go but as more college girls join our class, I tend to feel more and more self conscious in there! Although, I sweat like a pig and it’s pretty fun cardio(if you can just laugh at your mistakes).

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