Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall Yall!

Today was H-O-T!! Too hot for fall. We took the girls to the pumpkin patch, such a neat place. I had the girls decked out in their JackOLantern best & camera in tow certain that I could get at least one sweet pic of them. Well, I think bringing your camera (and expectation) jinx’s (sp?) you every time!!

See, this is what Lilly Kate thought about me taking pictures:

I’ll post pics of the pumpkins the girls selected as soon as we get their “make-up on.” 🙂


  1. How cute! They are so precious! I love how the other kids are staring at LK trying to figure out why she is crying. Is the pumpkin patch in town?

  2. Thanks Ashleigh!! We had a wonderful first anniversary!! LK didn\’t look to happy with all the pumpkins!!P.S. We are coming to Auburn for a whole week the first week of December!! I hope to see you!!

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