AU v. Vandy

Well….. sad! I will remain a LOYAL fan and say no more than that. 🙂

Keith and I were fortunate to be able to go this weekend. So much fun!!
You KNOW how much I love my girls, but I love him too & it is heaven to be alone sometimes (thanks Mrs T)! In addition to a night alone w/ hubby, I found a few other things about this trip delightful:

1. PF Changs. For those of you that know me, that place is heaven to me! It just so happened that there is one right by their stadium so we got to eat lunch there 🙂

2. Auburn Elvis. SEC football has an amazing atmosphere and some of the most die-hard fans. I consider him to be one of them.

3. The sweet dad that sat behind us with his teenage daughter (maybe 10 or 11, she seemed to be in that awkward teenage age where she had a bit of an attitude & I dunno but probably wasn’t the top person on his list to take to the game) and treated her to a night out and patiently explained almost every play. It appears to me that so many young girls these days lack a solid male role model and it made me smile to see him try so hard to maintain his relationship w/ her during these critical years.

4. Best Friends. We went w/ Will and Kristin -our very best friends for so long. Actually I think Will and K have been friends since kindergarten. You know we are so very blessed and have so many things to be thankful for! Our friendships are high on the list. It’s always “fun times” hangin with them. 🙂

5. Funnel Cakes (I love food, remember)

Hopefully we’ll have better luck this weekend!

2 thoughts on “AU v. Vandy

  1. Sounds like fun! Sorry I had to make a not so fun call to you guys. Hope it didn\’t put a damper on your trip. Did you know I have never been to a PFChangs? I am dying to go.


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