Traveling with TWO

I am so pumped! Next weekend I am flying to mom’s with the girls- alone. Yikes!! K & I have done it numerous times but I am braving the big skies alone. That is where you come in…… How can I entertain the girls during the flight? LK will be in my lap and E beside us. That is the part I am really scared about. LK is a very, very busy 17 month old and I am just not sure I can think of enough tricks to occupy her seated for a little over an hour. Thoughts?? I have already broken down & bought leashes (something I said I’d NEVER do as a mom) for them for navigating the airport.

Also, I love to do crafts and activities with Em! However, I am not very creative in coming up with ideas. Check out this blog I just found: ScrumdillyDo

Perfect for moms like me that are lacking on the creative side:)

6 thoughts on “Traveling with TWO

  1. i say go to a few dollar stores and make them up a little backpack that you can fill up with things they have never seen before (and only let them play with them on the plane, not while at your mom\’s.) lift the flap books, there is a little craft kit at walmart that has foam beads, plastic string and a large plastic \”needle\”. it makes a necklace. i put that stuff in a ziplock bag and take it with me to the doc\’s office to occupy them all the time.


  2. I kept Annabelle busy at the doctor\’s office for a long time with mini aquadoodle pages. They are little coloring pages that come with a marker that you fill with water. Easy coloring fun and no mess! And you can re-use the pages over and over. Good Luck!


  3. you are so brave!! you will have so much fun. mom, my sis in law and i took madeline and my niece to ny in august and surprisingly madeline did so well on the plane. she slept most of the way and tore up a magazine the rest of the time. tell your mom i said hi! i think a portable dvd player would be good and definitely some snacks 🙂


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