1. Hey Ashleigh & Keith,I am not real sure how I found your blog but I love it, seeing your girls and finding out what old friends have been doing. You have such pretty girls and they seem so sweet. I am glad that things are good. I would love to catch up sometime.Lindsey Glasslglass@hopeharbour.org

  2. Ashleigh! Have you seen them at daycare on the slide? I was AMAZED and a little terrified when I saw LK & Mary McKinnon climbing up together and going down the slide without anyone to catch them. That was when they'd only been in their class for about 2 months! I think both of our girls are tough and fearless for sure! Fun for them and scary for us!

  3. That is too funny! I also think it is a second child thing…Brantley is very fearless and will totally do whatever Matthew is doing! It was great to finally meet ya\’ll at the Pumpkin patch! Happy Halloween!Jennifer

  4. Barrett and Lilly Kate definitely don\’t need to be left alone together. There is no telling what those little dare devils would do! Barrett looked just like that on our slide this morning:)

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