We Did It!

Yep, we’re home safe and sound. So many of you were so sweet to think of us. Sorry I am just now reporting in. I am tired…………
The girls really were fine. I mean they did as good as you can possibly expect a 1&3 year old to do. People even came up to me in the airport & said, “You’re brave!” “Crazy!” I corrected them. I told mom, “I must have been missing you BAD.” 🙂 I’d do it again though. Leashes were KEY! Atlanta airport is way too crowded not to have those. I am soo sad that I don’t have a picture of the insanity- just imagine: Me carrying my one giant suitcase & Hello Kitty Backpack on, Emma on a leash (with her pink dotty blanket in tow), LK with leash on in the stroller (+baby doll & blankie).

On the way back to Auburn, I felt so good- like I’d accomplished something. I am SUPERMOM!!!!!!

Mom’s was fun. They had a party Friday night. Dad took Emma to the farm and fishing. Mom & I shopped. We took the girls to a kid’s museum like McWane. They had a ball!! Hopefully she can get some of the pics out of her camera & I can show them to you.

5 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You ARE supermom. I\’m travelling alone with Abby Jane in January, and I\’m a tiny bit apprehensive- but two busier little ladies is a HUGE deal! I\’m so glad it went well!!


  2. Good job Supermom!!I told Mike about Mountain Dew being bad for his teeth when we got back from Atlanta. Yesterday he said, \”I haven\’t been drinking MD anymore. I don\’t know why, since you couldn\’t tell me, but I quit drinking it ever since you went shopping with the dentist\’s wife.\” HA!


  3. you ARE supermom!!! i have never even made the drive from huntsville to dothan just me and the kids, much less navigate an airport!!! you deserve a spa day!!


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