I’ve been sick!

Many of you (especially my darling hubby πŸ™‚ are sick of hearing about it)! I am sorry, I haven’t been feeling “bloggy” lately b/c with this pregnancy I felt bad far more often than good. The nausea, stomach cramps and fatigue were so severe I was scared at times. I wanted to tell you about the pregnancy long ago but kept worrying about the stomach pain. I hear that with the third everything is more intense. I keep thinking this little (boy?) one is making a ruckus right away.

Thankfully, the pregnancy sickness vanished about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, the worst head cold/crud I have had in a while replaced it. My nose was running like Niagara falls and I was coughing up a lung for weeks. Keith kept saying, “you need to go to the doctor!” Of course, as a veteran prego I knew that there was nothing they could do. “Take a Tylenol, they’d say” Finally Sunday, I talked to my OB about this pesky cold that would not budge. He said I could take Sudafed once a day if I was desperate and any Tylenol product. I get to the pharmacist and ask her which she recommends, oh cliff notes version- she said “you do not need to be taking anything but Sudafed!” Ok, I want to do what is best for baby. Then she directs me to the Neti Pot saline washes and insists this is what I do in lieu of pharmaceuticals. So… weak stomachs this is where you need to exit. πŸ™‚ I had read about them on Beth Moore’s blog months back here. I hear Oprah is a big fan too. Totally grossed out and unimpressed at the time. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

(For a fancy illustration- google: you tube neti pot) I could post the link here for you but I’ll just save that for the people who “really” want to see it.

Well, hours later, I am home with my neti pot trying to concentrate so that the stinking saline doesn’t go down my throat and cause me to throw up. Hollering at Keith to get out of the bathroom- this is not something you want anyone to watch you do- not even your spouse. I did it and gagged a few times. I don’t know if I am sold or not. It felt good at first like I could breathe but within a few minutes I was sniffling again.
(I know, this is the worst post of all time. I don’t know why I felt like we HAD to talk about this?!?)

I am not the herbal/natural remedy guru! I personally prefer some TheraFlu or Goody Powders but since I am with child, I was ready to try some home remedies. Any of you veteran NetiPot users??

Also, thanks so very much for the kind comments about baby on the way!! It was so fun to check for new comments every day πŸ™‚ Love you guys!!

8 thoughts on “I’ve been sick!

  1. Hey Ash! Sorry to hear about the sickness. I don\’t see how you do it….with two little ones and pregnant! I\’ve heard good things about the neti pot. However, I don\’t see how running water through your nasal cavity can help that much. I hope you are feeling better by Christmas πŸ™‚


  2. Ashleigh, Molly had told me your good news…congratulations! I hope that you are feel better soon! Jenniferp.s. I tried your Company chicken last week – the family LOVED it! Great recipe!


  3. ashleigh…we are SERIOUS neti believers around here. micah has been a sinus sufferer for years. he tried this and after a few days, he realized he could breathe as soon as he woke up. that hasn\’t happened in years!! he says the trick is in getting your head tilted just right. i say hang in there. (and he let me take a picture of him doing it!!)


  4. Hey Ashleigh, I found your blog via Becky\’s and grew up with Keith in Dothan. (I was actually his first girlfriend, but I won\’t let that get in the way of us being friends- we were 4- so I think I\’m over it. :-)I just purchased and posted about the neti pot the other day and it is a little weird isn\’t it? My husband has gotten on the bandwagon and likes it now. He says it takes some practice. I just did it that one time and wasn\’t bowled over, but it did work for me. Anyway, great to find you and congrats on the 3rd baby! I wish you good health(without neti pots) and a precious and blessed pregnancy. Please tell Keith hello!Hillary Hart DunhamAnd check out our blog when you get a chance- I think you can click on my name and it will go there. πŸ™‚


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