It’s A…

Well, since I work at the hospital I have connections. Although, I was trying to be good & wait until my real ultrasound appointment with my MD. Although, I did ask my friend, Mgr of Radiology, to call me if they ever had any downtime and we’d play. She never called & I was fine with that. Well, this afternoon my boss and coworker come beboppin’ in my office and say “call M.” NO! I do not want to keep bugging her about this. Before I knew it the three of them had me in radiology on the ultrasound table. My heart was beating so fast! I was so nervous and they were so giddy. It REALLY was fun. So different being my third! I mean this was my last chance for a boy and the anticipation was killing me. Is it you?? Little Miss cooperated from the very beginning and being my third girl, I knew exactly what those two tiny white horizontal lines meant 🙂 Tears rolled down my face. Can’t tell you exactly why!?! I KNEW all along that it would be another girl. I’m a girl mom- you just know. I guess the anticipation and the mystery ending and now I quickly envision three ponytails every morning of my life and three proms and oh my GOODNESS- three weddings.

M looked over at me and said, “Well, I guess THIS is what God has in store for you and Keith!” 3 Girls We could not possibly be any more blessed!!! She looked really healthy (apparently the Hardee’s biscuits are setting well with her) and everything measured appropriately.

If you are wondering, Keith is fine. He loves his girls and is the BEST dad. However, he did immediately let me know that he’d need mandatory “guy time” weekly now that he’ll be living w/ 4 girls.

As for names, we don’t know yet. We’ll get there. I have some ideas that I’m pretty attached to. Once we decide, I’ll update you. As for Emma’s opinion on the name:
She wanted a brother. She let me know that she had a sister and now she wants a brother. Last night, I explained to her that it might not be a brother and asked would she be ok with that? “Yes, I guess” she replied. I said if it’s a girl, how do you like the name Campbell? “No mama, I don’t like that name –nobody knows it. How about Thumbelina? That is a name everybody would know. Yea, Thumbelina or I like Cinderella. Those are names people know.” I laughed. Cannot wait to tell our third, if your sister had named you it would have been Thumbelina OR Cinderella.

Enjoy the Little Miss’s first pics below:

I think these are her hands. Don’t you? I couldn’t really tell from the CD what she had given me pics of.

21 thoughts on “It’s A…

  1. Oh, aren\’t the ultrasounds so much fun?? I can\’t wait to know what it is. Maybe since you work at the hospital you can get some special treatment and find out early??? I can\’t wait to know. I was thinking girl, but now I\’m starting to wonder. Sweet Keith really does need another man around the house! Love,Tara


  2. so glad it was a happy day. and getting them around isn\’t as hard as you think. mine are 5, 3 and 6 months and you just DO it. if you can do 2, you can do 3.what do you do at the hospital?


  3. that is so exciting!!! at least you get to reuse everything! i would love another girl so i could reuse all of madeline\’s things 🙂 plus, i always wanted a sister but never had one.


  4. congratulations!! 3 sweet little blondies! and you get to \”recycle\” some memories as this little one gets to use her sissy\’s clothes!! that\’s money you\’ll save for those 3 weddings!!


  5. Congratulations!!!! I knew you looked happy yesterday when you were pulling into daycare! We know she will be a gorgeous, sweet girl! I can\’t wait to see Keith when they are all dating. I am VERY excited for yall!


  6. How exciting Ashleigh! Congratulations! When I told Andrew this morning while we were getting ready, he said \”poor Keith is going to be outnumbered big time!\”. We are so thrilled for ya\’ll. The big meaty biscuit completely threw me off though 🙂 Now I know little girls like meat, cheese, and bread too!


  7. Congratulations! 3 little girls are a blessing. People were sweet to remind Hunter about no more hot showers. The guys will survive.


  8. I\’m so excited for ya\’ll. Another beautiful little girl….you will be having to fight the guys off with a stick! Payne is excited too….he said he wanted a girlfriend that was a little younger 🙂


  9. Oh my goodness!! How exciting to have another baby girl!!!! I would have another if I knew it would a girl.shhhh…don\’t tell my hubby. I know he wants a boy but I just LOVE girls. Anyway, I love the name Campbell too!!!


  10. Oh. My. Word.!!! Congrats!! That is so exciting! And awesome to have connections like that!! At least you already know what to do wtih a girl, know about tights, bows, correct shoes, etc. I wouldn\’t even know where to begin. That is fantastic!


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