WDW Bound!

Walt Disney World, here we come. Keith and I had been mentally planning a romantic getaway before baby #3 arrives. Logistics worked out so that we decided (very spontaneously) to take Emma to Disney next month in lieu of our original trip. LK will go to her Dede and Pop’s for some fabulous alone time. I struggled with leaving her but everyone I’ve talked to assured me that taking a 19 mo old is not wise. So… here’s where you come in. We’ll be there for 4 days and we have the park hopper and we bought the dining pass. With the dining pass, they strongly recommend reservations. Where do I make them? Anything that we MUST see or do while we’re there?

One thought on “WDW Bound!

  1. When are yall going to DW? Josh and I and his family are going in February. His brother is leaving for his 18 month tour in Iraq March 3, so they want to take a family vacation before he leaves. I haven\’t been in forever and am sooooo excited!!!


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