Been Busy!

Doing a whole lot of this (well as often as I can get in my “sewing room” (aka dining room):




I have sooo much to learn and if you look closely there are mistakes on every single item here, but I am still in love with my new Brother 750D. It has worked like a beauty since the day it came out of the box. If you are considering an embroidery machine and don’t have a couple thousand to shell out- give this one a look! As far as I can tell, it has ALL the features of a high dollar machine for much less. It came with all the Disney embroidery char’s with it and Em calls it my new Walt Disney World machine.:) I am actually having better luck appliqueing than I am monogramming. Hmm. I have monogram wizard but I guess i just need more practice. Any of you veterans? If so, love your tips, advice.

*The ruffle white shirt Mrs T ordered online. I’ll have to ask her where. The whale shirt is an old one from walmart and the orange shirt is a new Garanimals brand from walmart. The burp cloths are FABULOUS- best I’ve held in my opinion and they are Gerber 6ply premium from Target.

12 thoughts on “Been Busy!

  1. i am super impressed!! i want one of these! i am afraid i would not know how to use it though. i don\’t know how to sew or do anything! where did you get the machine?


  2. soooooo cute! sister\’s name is ally claire…you know…if you are bored lol!! so did we finalize campbell?? did i miss the announcement? what is her whole name? or do you tell? man…i am a nosey bottom today!


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