I cannot find enough time in the day to sew all the things I want to. Remember this orient expressed outfit? I have always wanted to make it and have actually tried before and messed it up and ended up throwing it away. My friend at work Alicia figured out how to make the pattern and whoala!!! She actually used the Children’s Corner Lucy pattern to get started and I used the revised Charlotte (that is where the inspiration for the shoulder ruffle came from). I think next time that I make it I need to make the top longer and the bow longer. Not sure I will try to stick that ruffle in the bottom all the way around?!? Mrs. T- I’ll leave that for you:)

I had planned to tell you that this is soo easy (and it still may be for a veteran sewer), but I did wrestle with it abit. Mainly the ruffle sleeve!! That is why Emma’s on the left has no ruffle sleeve and LK’s has a crooked ruffle sleeve :O I definitely plan to make more of these so hopefully I’ll get better with practice. I am making little pants to match but I was so anxious to show you that I could not wait until the pants were finished.
Can you believe I didn’t monogram these? Well, I know that would be super cute but figuring I have three girls now.. I can’t monogram everything. & I am getting bored with the “T”

Speaking of my 3rd girlie: She is doing GREAT! She is 21 weeks and measuring perfect and kicking all around making me smile πŸ™‚ She does have a name- Campbell Elizabeth it will be! Emma is so excited and talks to my belly and kisses it all day long. She also brings her dolls to me and asks that I show her how to change a diaper one more time. LK will pat my belly and say “baby” but not sure she has a clue. Not that she isn’t very smart & VERBAL for 20 mos! Let me tell you, I am amazed daily by how much that chickadee can talk- basically anything she wants to say. I love her to pieces!!!

9 thoughts on “Addicted!!

  1. I am almostdone writing the pattern for that top. Do you still want it? I\’ve been waiting to put mine together. I had a few things that I am changing that Alicia told me to do. Let me know if you still want it.All of the stuff you have done is SO CUTE!!!!


  2. so cute! i\’m trying to start doing more…i\’ve been working on a few, but i got some new patterns like some outfits in kelly\’s kids i liked and am going to try out…i may need some pointers:)


  3. Hi! I found your blog through Lacy Jones. I notice you have a counter for vistors and was wondering how you got that on there?? I tried to find it, but I can\’t. Love the blog and the clothes!!! I think Christopher and Emma are in the same Sunday school class?? Thanks!Steph


  4. Girl, your babies are going to be dressed to the nines!!!! you are sooooo good!!!! by the way, LOVE the name. Hope to see you soon, don\’t be a stranger.


  5. so cute!! i am very impressed with you! madeline has a bloomer set from last yr that looks very similar…well the style is similar. i love it and am hoping my granny can recreate it for this summer πŸ™‚ i am just not brave enough to enter the sewing world yet!oh and i love campbells name…too sweet πŸ™‚


  6. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and all the monogrammed things- I would be going crazy with it, too! So glad you\’re having so much fun, and LOVE the name, too! SOO beautiful, as I\’m sure she will be!!!


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