Happy Easter!

Sorry the posts have been sparse lately! The girls and I headed to my moms for almost a week and then three days later, I left for the Walk to Emmaus (more to come on that later). Since I have been home, we have been wide open. On top of that, pregancy is finally starting to slow me down a bit. I cannot believe that Miss Campbell will make her debut in less than 12 weeks. I know that time will fly by! I have to figure out how to transition LK into Em’s room. I welcome any advice on that! I woke up really early on Monday and decided we HAD to get out of the house. So I took the girls to Cracker Barrell and then to Monkey Joes and they had a blast.







  1. Hey–we had a good time too. Thanks for you all coming. Next year, I need to do the cookies. I think they will love it. I loved their dresses 🙂

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