THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

That seems really inadequate to describe the depth of gratitude I feel for each of you that sent cards/letters to me during my Emmaus Walk! I mean all I can really say is WOW. I knew I had good friends (and family) but those letters I will treasure forever (I already have them in a nice binder with all my Emmaus stuff so that I can save them)!

The intent of the walk is to develop Church leaders and to strengthen your witness for Christ.

I have been pondering what in the world to tell you to adequately describe the walk yet not reveal any of the surprises that I want you to experience on your walk. Honestly, I don’t know if I completely know what the walk meant to me yet- weird I know! I think over time my feelings will change and at different moments I will look at myself and realize that a certain change in my character/walk with Christ changed as a result of the growth I experienced on my walk.

I missed Keith and the girls and my life horribly (being honest)! I never thought I’d have any trouble “disconnecting” but I did. However, I sincerely wanted to devote 72 hours to HIM and HIM alone. When in your lifetime do you get to do that?? Besides, with #3 on the way- I Knew I needed some spiritual rejuvenation 🙂

Back to the walk, the most significant thing I experienced was the depth of God’s Grace, Mercy and Love in a way I’d never known before. For me, the walk was emotional, unbelievable, and unforgettable. Should you decide to go on a walk (I hope you do!) your experience may be different. I think everyone’s is- depending on where you are in your relationship with Christ and what He knows you need at that time.

Again, thank you for the kind words that you sent! However, I can’t go without saying that much of what you said is just not really true. I do strive to glorify God in all I do, but I am no trophy wife OR mom! I know the real me. The rebellious sinner who is eternally grateful for a savior that lets me start over every day.

If you are considering going on the Walk to Emmaus and want more details, please call me. I’d love to talk with you about it!

6 thoughts on “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so glad that you had a good Walk…there are truly no words to describe it all, is there? It is so neat to be on this side and be able to serve there now…truly a blessing!


  2. De Colores, sister! So glad you went on an Emmaus Walk. I went last fall and it was amazing. I know you experienced God\’s glory in it\’s finest. What an awesome time of year to celebrate, as well! So glad is was spectacular!


  3. So happy you had a great experience. I am not sure how anyone could not have one. I can\’t wait to chat about it! There is something to be said to have 72 hours devoted to HIM. It is truly amazing! De Colores!


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