By request

A Pregnancy Update:
Hmm, I am 32 weeks (or 33, never can keep up with it). Feeling great!! Still due on July 5th but if I know my doctor he Won’t be working on the 4th so doubt she could be a July 4th baby. Em came like 10 days early on her own. LK was induced I think 7 days early. So.. I guess I will know closer to time about when to expect Campbell. 🙂 She is just a delight to carry. She seems huge and puts on a show when she wiggles. I am REALLY ready to meet her but don’t feel like I’m as miserable/anxious to deliver as I was with the first 2.

Campbell does not have a nursery yet. LK is not ready to give up the crib, she is pretty attached to it. She is moving into the bedroom with Em. We’ve trialed it numerous times and LK is NOT having it. They will stay in the bed up to 3 hours but NO sleeping is happening & I end up having to carry LK back to her crib. I keep telling myself I have a few more weeks to transition her. Although the urge to “nest” is coming on and I wish she’d move in w/ Em soon. Keith says don’t worry about it… “Campbell can just sleep in her cradle in our room for a few months. She doesn’t have to have a room right away.” Mercy!! He doesn’t understand. Baby girl HAS to have her own room even if she doesn’t actually sleep in it 🙂

& Are we really done??
Hmm, I REALLY think so. But not certain enough to do anything permanent. 2 is hard!! I can only imagine what 3 will be like. We’ll see 🙂

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