I got home really late and went into the girls room to check on them. I always do that before heading to bed to make sure that they aren’t sleeping on top of each other & that LK is not trapped in the side rail. They have only been sleeping in the same queen bed for about 2 weeks. So far so good (I didn’t say it was a cakewalk). Anywhooo, many have given me their opinion that perhaps we should not put them in the same bed and kindly suggested we get twin beds. I had some friends in college who were sisters and they slept in the same room, same bed until they got married!!! I knew that it could be done. Well… this pic says it all!! You can tell by Em’s drool that this is completely unstaged and when I saw them holding hands I decided I would even risk waking them up to get this pic 🙂


  1. The girls are so sweet! I love when Nate and Wilson are interacting. Siblings are too funny sometimes. Let\’s get together soon.

  2. Ashleigh, love the new header. I want a new one too. I wish I could figure them out like you did. The pics of the girls are adorable. Hope to see you soon. Leah

  3. That is so sweet! They will be so close growing up. My sister's girls have slept in the same bed for about 3 years and love it.

  4. That is the sweetest pic I have seen in a long time. Had fun last night….can't wait to meet little Miss Campbell.

  5. That is the sweetest picutre ever!! I have 2 sisters and I know the bond we have and your girls will always love each other so much!! They are going to adore Campbell!

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