Sweet LK


LK is 23 months and will be 2 in about a week. She has stolen my heart!! I mean she has the cutest (strongest, loudest, sweetest) personality!! I absolutely love hearing what she has to say next. She is quite the chatterbox. I don’t have any idea where my girls get that from :O My favorite sayings from her are: “Mommy, I wub you!”, “Emma, wanna weed (read)a book wif me?”, “Mommy, look it’s my fabrite (favorite-referring to a disney show).” and everything around the house that is for baby Campbell she says, “NO, dat’s baby ABa’s (that would be Kristin’s daugher Ava)!” she adores Baby “ABA” and talks about her constantly.


LK and Mary McKinnon swinging. They are the best of little friends. MM is in her class at “school.”


LK loves her (great) Granny June! She talks about her all the time and 9 times out of 10 if she’s talking on her cell phone, it is to Granny June.


These are a few of my best friends (and Campbell’s soon to be best friend baby Ava:)& a recent pic of my almost 36 week pregnant belly. Thanks girls for making last night sooo special!! It was perfect 🙂

I am headed to the MD this am and will give you an update as soon as I hear from him.

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