"A Whole New World"


Picture Em dancing to Alladin’s A whole new world in the center of her entire class. I know NOTHING about dance, but I was informed that this is called improv and teaches them self confidence in front of an audience. I was soo proud of her (and pregnant, hormonal & teary eyed :O) Unfortunately, These pics are not good at all. I went wayyy wrong not buying an SLR when I bought my camera (I was worried it was too bulky and that I wouldn’t carry it.)


After the very first lesson, LK and I were waiting in the lobby and Emma runs out and says “Lilly Kate, do your feet like this! (LK quickly imitates her) Good Job Lilly Kate, now that is first position.” Ha. Lilly Kate runs around the lobby while Em is in class saying “I unna (want to)ballet!!”

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Em is in heaven b/c right now her dream in life is to be a princess. Remember about a year ago she told me she couldn’t go to Auburn when she grew up b/c there are no castles there. So… she’ll have to live in Disney World 🙂

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