Can Tuesday come already??

This pic was taken at my work shower last week. Of course, I do NOT love the pic but it is the only one I have.

Most of you know, but a few of my cyber friends haven’t heard the news…
So, here’s the update: I am 38+5 weeks (3cm dilated, -1 station, and 70% effaced as of my last MD visit), I have had every single symptom that would indicate labor is impending but… NO delivery. I didn’t think I’d be as anxious for her to come as the other 2 but at times I am certain I am FAR more anxious. I am not nesting, I think that phase has past. I am exhausted and have little motivation to do any of the household chores that need to be done (not whining just keeping it real 🙂 MD says he’d induce on Tuesday if she’s not here by then. Mom is coming in town on Sunday! I joke with her that baby Campbell is waiting on her Gran Gran. We’ll see. I’ll post pics of sweet girl as soon as I meet her!

Oh yea, if she waits until Tuesday to come then I will have carried my 3rd longer than both of the other 2. So much for the 3rd coming early :O Looks like she already knows she’s the baby and wants to hang on to momma as long as she can.

12 thoughts on “Can Tuesday come already??

  1. Can't wait to meet the newest Thompson girlie!! I know you are anxious and I don't blame you, hang in there girl. Prayers for you and keith!


  2. Oh you look great! I've been out of pocket for a few weeks and didn't realize you were about to go into labor at any second! We'll be praying so much and are SOO excited about meeting this precious newest Thompson girl- we all know what a delight she will be, given her big sisters!


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