Bump in the Road

Saturday Keith and I were dying to get out of the hospital with Campbell and head home to sweet Em and LK! I was missing LK soo bad, having been apart from her for almost a week. We brought Campbell in the front door and the girls were beaming when they met their new baby sister. Whew, I thought we’d made it!


Look at sweet LK, she couldn’t stop grinning and talking about baby Campbell so fast I could barely understand her!


Well, lo and behold the thing we had tried so hard to avoid all week happened- LK began running a fever and after a visit to the MD it was confirmed she now has the flu. So.. within a few hours, she and Em were headed to their Dede and Pops so that there would be no chance of exposure for Campbell. As you can imagine, the flood gates opened. I so desperately want to hold all 3 of my girls at the same time!! Before LK left, she vomited and I was quarintined in my bedroom with Campbell. She started screaming, “momma, momma.” I must say there has been nothing in my life as a mom harder than listening to her call for me and for me to sit in my room and not come to her. I’ve always heard that having a child is “like having your heart walking around outside your body.” Well, my heart is now 3 different directions. My head knows that this is just a bump in the road and that many families are experiencing FAR greater suffering and heartache than this & I know that my girls will all be well and together soon enough, but it’s still hard… The Doctor said the girls can return home when LK has been fever free for 48 hours and she woke up this am fever free. So.. hopefully I can get them back soon.

I covet your prayers!! That LK will recover fast, for mine and Keith’s sanity, and for continued health of our whole family (including our sweet, sweet, selfless parents who have exposed themselves to the sick girls day after day!)


17 thoughts on “Bump in the Road

  1. awwwww…poor baby girls! poor momma! poor grandparents. wish i was there. i'd whip you all up some meals so you could at least be eating the same thing. that's sort of the same thing, right? lol! hopefully by tomorrow night she can come home and celebrate her baby sissy. LK looks sooooo growny all of a sudden!


  2. I am so sorry!! I am so glad the baby is healthy and well but the girls being sick is so stressful. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew had the flu this past week too. I will be praying for everything to settle down and get back to normal.


  3. I have SO been there! You are doing a wonderful job as a mommy – never doubt that! The baby is beautiful. I hope everyone is better soon and I'll pray for good helath for your entire family. Hang in there!


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