2 weeks


Easy Appetizer- A friend told me that she made this for a party the other night and it was gone as fast as she sat it on the table.

Dice Roma tomatoes and line your baking dish (spray w/ pam first)
Top w/ crumbled garlic herb boursin cheese (I found it at Kroger)

Then top with crumbled bacon (I tried with the can in the aisle by the salad dressing)
Bake until hot and bubbly.

Serve with wheat thins. I tried it yesterday & thought it was yummy and super easy to prepare. Sorry I didn’t take a picture before Keith and I ate it all.


  1. Campbell is amazingly gorgeous! So glad everyone is healthy and home! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the Thompson girls!

  2. Ashleigh – she is SO beautiful!!! I have your book! I am so sorry – will try to bring it by tomorrow. Also…our girls are in the same class – YAY!! Can't wait to see you and your girls and so sorry about the delay in getting the book to you – you will love it!

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