1. Hey Ashley!! looks like you have been a busy busy girl!! I didn\’t call you back, b/c I didn\’t want to disturb you on your trip… but now that school is almost out, I would love to chat before your little sweet pea arrives!! Love all your sewing projects–they look great!!

  2. I wish I could sew!!! I bet it would be lots of fun!!! I can\’t wait to find out what we are having so I can give you a list of things to put on your sewing list for me!!! :DTell the girls I said hello!!! Next time yall are close to home, give me call!! We just moved down to Mobile about 3 weeks ago!!

  3. Great yard sale find and I love all your projects! You are so stinking talented!And I know what you mean about traveling. I used to travel all the time for work and it was exhausting and I got SICK of it! People think it\’s really fun, but it will wear you down quickly! Glad you got home to enjoy some family time!

  4. Love the pictures!! I'm always looking at updates on here!!! I have no clue about the letters!! All I know is she cut out the letters and white satin stitched them on. I will ask her for you!! You should see all of Ella's bedding!! My mother brought it to me today!! I will email you the pictures!!! My aunt is so very talented!!!

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