I’m home!

I’m now home with the girls full time. (Yes, I do pinch myself at times :))
The girls are loving me being here and we’ve kept busy! Of course, we had a wonderful Christmas, Emma had her first ballet recital. Campbell is sitting up, eating baby food, babbling dadada, and was dedicated. Keith and I even got a weekend away for the Auburn bowl game in Tampa and had a blast! If you are visiting there, call me for 2 of the BEST places to eat that you’ll want to try.

Campbell is almost 7 mos, weighing in at a healthy 17 1/2 lbs!! She has had 4 or 5 ear infections in the past 6mos. So… we’re getting tubes placed on Wed. Say a prayer for her (and momma!). Of course, she isn’t sleeping very well at night due to the ear infections but she’s still one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. Her sisters love her to pieces! Sooo sweet..

Next month, Lilly Kate is starting a new preschool one day a week and one of my dearest friends will be her teacher 🙂 She’s not real sure about it, but I know she’ll soon love it. She has been waking up from nap telling me stories about “school” that day (poor thing is just daydreaming b/c she’s been with me all day).

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