In case I forget..

(This pic is old of LK and her buddy Barrett but I love it)

Lilly Kate calls BIG girl shoes and panties her “Good” girl shoes and “Good” girl panties. Vitamins are known by both girls as “Bottom-ins” LK calls cup holders “Butt holders” All these make me smile and rarely do I correct them b/c I just love hearing them.

LK: Emma, What you funny about? (aka why are you laughing?)

Em: “Mom, Lilly Kate wants me to read her a book. Is it ok if I can?”

LK “Momma, You the best momma I’ve ever had!”
“Momma, I had a good day with you!”

Em (as we’re walking around the block): “Lilly Kate, watch out so you don’t step in that poop dog!”

Both Em and LK call Campbell – “Campbell Girl” as if that is her double name

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