The First Mile!




Team Thompson finishes our first 1 mile fun run!! Emma and I ran together and Keith strolled Campbell and Lilly Kate at the Ty Garner Run for Life Benefit 5k/1 mile. Emma did awesome!! Keith and I have been running with her and encouraging her to run for sometime now. We told her one day we’d run a race. She was so excited and as soon as we crossed the finish line, she asked the timekeeper “Where do I get my ribbon?” Not only did she get a Winner’s ribbon, she also got the biggest chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever seen! You can see our time on the middle picture -hee! We had a great time and made some sweet memories. We’re ready to run again. When asked Emma’s favorite part of the “race,” she replied “The cookie!!” OH mercy, is she my child or what?!? I hate I didn’t get any pics of Keith pushing our gigantic stroller. He was behind the camera. In case you’re wondering his time with the stroller was much better than mine and Em’s.
Let me know if you and your stroller want to join us next time! 🙂

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