My Travel Essentials

One of the MOST important things I’ve learned traveling by plane with kids is to- Never check luggage!

We all pack super light and carry one single rolling carry-on bag and one backpack.

More tips for traveling with Kids here.

1.) Tumi Carry-On  This is the carry-on I use and LOVE.  Unfortunately, it is super pricey!  I got lucky and had mine gifted to me. This looks pretty similar and way more budget friendly.

2.) Packing Cubes  In addition to the carry-on, I use these packing bags.  I organize like clothing in separate bag, less rummaging through my bag at destination. Think pjs in one bag, leggings grouped together, etc.

They do seem to allow me to cram more into my luggage- which is super important since I’m not checking luggage.

3.) Contigo Coffee Traveler I forgot this when we traveled to Montana. Huge Bummer! I love my coffee and this traveler keeps it hot on the go for hours. Life is too short for cold coffee.

4.) North Face backpack I always carry a backpack as my one personal item in addition to my small cross-body purse that I can place inside the backpack if any of the airport personnel require it (although thankfully they never have :).

5.) LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine Do Not underestimate this little gem! It’s a winner. I use it as my sound machine when traveling and that I don’t have to sacrifice luggage space to carry it. Apparently, you can use it as a blue tooth speaker also but I never have. It’s earned a spot on this list just for the nighttime noise cancelling it does.

6.) Bose QuietComfort Headphones I don’t have my own pair, but my mom kindly lets me borrow hers when I’m traveling 🙂 These are such a luxury while on the airplane. Without fail, I end up in the very back of the plane where the motor is super noisy- these headphones cancel all of that. I turn on my favorite podcast (be sure to download before boarding plane when you have wifi) and I’m a happy camper.

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